Class time and schedule

Q : Do I have to fix the study time for every week? Do I have to study exactly at the same time for every class?

A : As class is conducted online, a student can plan their own study time, and can book his / her class whenever they want. You can change your study times each week if you'd like.

Q : I do not live in Thailand and want to study Thai. Can I do that?

A : Yes, of course. As our classes are conducted online, a student can join class from any venue, given that they have a stable internet connection.

Q : Can I take this course if I’m a complete beginner?

A : Yes, of course. This course is designed for all learners of different levels.

Q : I'd like to get started. Where and how do I start?

A : As the class is conducted online, there are some requirements that have to be met. A student needs a stable internet connection, with a minimum 2MBPS for the data download, and 1MBPS for the data upload. You can check the speed of your connection by visiting the website Also, it is highly recommended that a student finds his or her own webcam, or any other supporting devices for class.

Q : Can I change the teacher later?

A : Yes, You can change and choose any teachers for the next class if you’d like.