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Learning Thai online with Zoe Thai is incredibly convenient and fun. Online classes are set up in one on one and small group environments, and we also have quizzes and videos to help supplement your learning in between your live online classes. Zoe is a Greek name meaning “Life,” and communication is the key to a fulfilling life. Fumbling your way through Thailand without speaking Thai is possible, but learning the language will give you a much more meaningful way to live in the Thai Kingdom.

Zoe Thai makes it easy by providing you with your own personal teacher, easy to use curriculum made by both Thais and non-Thais, animated videos to help explain vocabulary and accent, recordings of your classes, and Zoe Thai quizzes to make sure that you have learned everything you need to learn! Take the first step, and try out a class for free with no obligation!

Learning Thai language

Our online system is based off of a “conversation and confidence first” approach. Confidence is key when it comes to learning anything new, but we want to make sure that it is well earned confidence. It’s quite easy in Thailand to feel that your Thai language skills are strong as the Thai people are very supportive of foreigners learning the Thai language, even if it is just simple greetings. At Zoe Thai, we want to make sure that your Thai language skills are above and beyond what most people would expect.

We do this by taking real life situations that you will encounter within Thailand, putting you in those situations with your online teacher, and then practicing the details of how those conversations would go focusing on vocabulary, context, and accent. Our system works for complete beginners all the way up to those trying to perfect their business Thai.

Zoe Thai Learn Thai Online