Zoe Thai Courses

Q : What makes Zoe Thai courses stand out?

A : Zoe Thai teachers go through a strict hiring process before going through our training. Our criteria is based off of experience, ability to explain, ability to teach, and education background. Our curriculum was made by graduates holding curriculum development degrees, and they really have a passion for creating top notch curriculum. This allows the teachers to focus on their most important job, teaching you how to speak Thai! All of our classes are recorded for you to review at your leisure. These recordings plus our knowledge videos and online quizzes ensure that you will remember as much as possible from each class.

Q : What do I need to study?

A : We highly recommend study Thai online with either a tablet, iPad, desktop or a laptop computer with at least a 2 MB download and 1 MB upload speed. If you have headphones that would be ideal, but it is not 100% necessary. We don't recommend studying Thai online on a phone as the screen is quite small.

Q : What level of Thai is needed to start with Zoe Thai?

A : Zoe Thai was initially created for beginners, but we have expanded to higher levels as well. Currently our system works best for beginner and intermediate level learners of Thai. Our step by step approach makes learning easy to digest, and is targeted at improving confidence, accent and understanding with our Thai teachers.

Q : How much is it to register for each course?

A : Fees depend of the number of sessions a learner would like to study. We offer three different packages. Package A allows students to study 10 sessions (7,000 THB), Package B allows students to study 18 sessions (11,000 THB), and Package C allows students to study 40 sessions (21,000 THB). These packages are all one on one classes with any Zoe Thai teacher that you choose. Also included are: Your Recorded Classes for you to review anytime Animated Review Videos to retain memory Online Quizzes to test what you've learned Direct Feedback for Every Class from your teacher

Q : Can I study everyday, and how long does each class take?

A : You can book a session everyday. Each class lasts 55 minutes, which works well for everyone's schedules. Double classes (back to back sessions) are available as well.