Course Overview

Our curriculum was developed by qualified Thais along with non-Thais who are now fluent in the Thai language. We did this as a team to take ideas from all perspectives. When starting out learning Thai, it can feel quite daunting because of the tones, sentence structure, new vocabulary, etc. We have broken down learning Thai into easy to digest pieces, and created follow up materials focused on helping the student to retain the information using fun, convenient, and easily accessible learning tools.

Included in Zoe Thai packages are:

  • One on One Classes
  • Group Conversation Classes
  • Your Recorded Classes
  • Animated Review Videos
  • Online Quizzes
  • Direct Feedback for Every Class

Learn Thai Online

Every package is 100% one on one classes! You also get all of the follow-up materials, which really help with memory.

About Our Thai Language Students:
Zoe Thai’s online courses in Thai are suitable for students at any level who want to confidently and clearly communicate in Thai. Even if you are just starting out, we can help you to get started by learning Thai online in a convenient, fun and effective way.

Learning Schedules:
1. These courses are available year-round and can begin when you’re ready to get started. Students can choose their own date, time and teacher! All they need is a stable Internet connection to access the lessons anywhere they’d like, at convenient times throughout the day.
2. The frequency of study depends on each student’s schedule. For the best results, however, Zoe Thai recommends that students access the online lessons 2 – 3 times per week for 55 minutes each session.
3. Discipline and consistency are important in learning Thai. So, to raise the Thai communication skills across the expat community in the Kingdom of Thailand, Zoe Thai recommends that students continue studying until they have completed the Lions course.

What students achieve :
1. Learn how to confidently communicate in Thai at a level similar to native speakers.
2. How to not only focus on grammar, but to primarily focus on being confident communicators in Thai
3. Total control and convenience when it comes to scheduling. No more fighting with traffic or wasting money on petrol!

So what are you waiting for? Start learning with Zoe Thai today!